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What’s Denver’s Hottest Neighborhood

In Home Prices, Rental Rates by Bergan & Company

Denver’s “hottest” neighborhood is expected to be Barnum West. Bergan and Company recently closed a duplex on south Julian in the Barnum West neighborhood. The investment is operating at a 12% cash on cash return from day one with only 20% down. Learn more from The Denver Business Journal here.

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Home Prices Rising in Centennial

In Home Prices by Bergan & Company

Home prices in the Case Shiller index of twenty cities increased 5.8% in 2015. The year over year increase in the same index was 5.3%. Don’t sell your home, rent it! Why pass up the stable rental income and built-in appreciation. Why sell your home when Bergan & Company offers full-service property management in Centennial and the surrounding greater Denver …