Cody Bergan  |  02/28/2023

Property Manager Skills: What Are the Most Important Ones?  

Do you want to be an effective property manager? If so, there are a variety of important skills you need to have period property managers come in many shapes and forms, and they come from all backgrounds. At the same time, there are several important skills that the vast majority of property managers have.

What are a few examples of the skills that you need to have if you want to be a strong property manager? Learn more below, and do not hesitate to reach out to an expert who can help you.


Without a doubt, property managers need to have the ability to multitask. Property managers have to be able to balance a lot of things at the same time without allowing anything to fall through the cracks.

For example, property managers might be in contact with multiple contractors at the same time to handle maintenance and repair needs. Then, property managers might also have to work with accountants to make sure taxes and financial records are balanced. Finally, property managers might also have to address complaints and questions from renters. The ability to handle all of these things at the same time is critical for property managers.

Strong Communication

Property managers also have to have strong communication skills. Some communications will be handled over the phone, others will be handled over e-mail, and some will be handled in person. Regardless, all of these communications must be handled professionally and properly.

Furthermore, property managers may use different communication tactics when they are talking with property owners, contractors, and residents. The ability to communicate the point effectively and professionally is incumbent on all property managers.

Digital Marketing Skills

One of the most important jobs that property managers have is that they must keep the occupancy rate as high as possible. The only way property managers will be able to do this is if they gather a lot of applications.

This means property managers also have to have strong digital marketing skills. Property managers must be able to effectively use websites, social media, and e-mail marketing to convince people to apply for vacancies. That way, property managers can ensure a consistent income stream for their property owners.

Knowledge of the Law

Finally, property managers also have to have a strong knowledge of the law. Specifically, property managers need to know relevant landlord and tenant laws inside and out. Landlord and tenant laws can vary from place to place, which is why it is important to find a property management company that is local.

If a dispute arises, an affected property manager might be able to resolve it using his or her knowledge of the law without having to set foot in a courtroom. Therefore, if you are looking for a property manager who can help you manage your property, make sure the person you hire is knowledgeable about landlord and tenant law. Our team would be happy to help you address any questions or concerns.

Call Began and Company for Effective Property Management 

These are just a few examples of the most important skills that you need to have if you want to be an effective property manager. If you are looking for a property management company that can help you, look no further than Bergan and Company. We have a tremendous amount of experience working with residents and property owners of all backgrounds, and it would be our pleasure to help you as well. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team, and let us help you with your property management needs.