When will I receive my rent payment?

Owner deposits are made via EFT on the 15th of every month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the funds will be sent on the business day prior to the weekend or holiday. EFT transactions generally take 2 business days to be reflected in your bank account.

Do you run background checks on potential tenants?

Absolutely, we take tenant screening very seriously.  Multiple checks are completed to make sure we have a high-quality tenant, including:
 National Eviction History
 Criminal Background Check
 Credit History
 Rental History Check
 Employment Verification
 Income Verification
 Bankruptcy Search

How & when do lease renewals occur?

Bergan and Co will reach out to the owner approximately 60 days before the lease termination to propose the new rent based on current market conditions. Owners always have the final approval before any renewal offer is sent to the resident.

Where will my property be marketed?

Bergan and Co uses state of the art software to syndicate your listing across the web.  The line up is constantly changing but the listings are sent to Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, Lovely, and Apartments.com to name a few.  It will also be advertised at berganco.com. 

What is the maintenance procedure?

Per our property management agreement Bergan and Co cannot spend more than $200.00 of the owner’s funds without prior approval.  Owners will be notified if maintenance is being done and major projects can be bid at the owner’s request.  

What happens in the event of a maintenance emergency?

In the event of a maintenance emergency the tenant will call the Bergan and Co 24 hour emergency phone line.  The Bergan and Co representative will take appropriate measure to make sure the issue is resolved immediately if necessary. 

Can Bergan & Co help get my property ready to rent?

Yes! We are happy to help with basic repairs, maintenance, and make ready as you prepare your home to be rented.  We will also coordinate all repairs and maintenance between tenants.

What is the eviction process?

The eviction process can be complicated but Bergan and Co is here to help. It’s unlikely but a reality of property management.  We are experienced in the process and know when and how to act.  Eviction cost ultimately are the owner’s expense, however Bergan and Co will withhold the damage deposit and pursue the resident via collection services.

Whose responsibility are the utility payments?

Bergan and Co will set your property up on a landlord account with your energy and water company.  In most single family homes, the resident is responsible for all utility payments.  Bergan and Co switches the energy on behalf of the resident to make sure it is in his/her name on move in and switched after move out.  Bergan and Co monitors water bills to ensure the tenants are making payments.  Owners do not need to do anything with the utilities; Bergan and Co will handle the entire process.

Does Bergan & Co inspect the properties?

Bergan and Co is happy to inspect properties at the owner’s request anytime. There is no additional fee.

Is smoking permitted in the rental unit(s)?

No smoking of any type is permitted per the lease.

Does Bergan & Co collect a damage deposit?

Yes, the damage deposit is generally equal to a minimum of 1 month’s rent.

Who holds the damage deposit?

Generally, Bergan and Co holds the damage deposit on behalf of the owner. Owners are welcome to hold the deposit, however Bergan and Co must provide the tenant with full contact information of the person that holds the deposit.  This is not best practice.  

Does Bergan & Co allow pets?

We allow pets only with owner approval.  We recommend a minimum $350 additional damage deposit per pet in the home.

Who sets the rental price?

Bergan and Co will provide you with a rent estimate using our resources and agent level market knowledge.  You, as the owner, choose the final price at which the house marketed and rented.

Does Bergan & Co provide financial statements?

Yes, you will have access to real time accounting via your owner portal including all invoices.  Bergan Co will also provide at IRS Form 1099 for tax reporting purposes.

Who conducts property showings?

A Bergan and Co representative will be present at all showings.  Lockbox combos are never given out to prospective renters to “self-show.”

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