State and Local Laws

It is important for any property manager, whether self-managing or using a company, to have knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the rental industry. This is because complying with these laws is necessary to ensure a smooth and fair rental process for both landlords and tenants. Legal expertise helps to prevent disputes and minimize the risk of legal action.  

The laws in Denver County and the surrounding counties have been changing rapidly.  Our staff is constantly taking legal update classes to make sure we fully understand the complications of Fair Housing Laws, Habitability laws, Licensing procedures, tenant rights, landlord rights, and eviction laws.

No one is immune to the laws and regardless of if you manage 1 unit or one thousand, you need legal expertise to avoid damaging litigation.

Having a legal expert in property management can also help to ensure that rental agreements and other legal documents are properly prepared and executed, providing protection for both the landlord and the tenant. Our team is trained on evictions, security deposits, and other legal aspects of the rental process, helping to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are clearly defined.  Our lease is reviewed every year by our legal team along with multiple amendments to insure your property has the best possible care.  

When choosing a property manager it’s important to avoid the large chain managers where your property will be lost in the fray and legal requirements are easily missed.  It’s equally important to avoid a 1 man show.  With very small management companies with 1 or 2 total employees, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with rapidly changing legislation.  Our team and size provide the perfect medium of personalized service and expertise.