Cody Bergan  |  02/10/2023

Denver County recently launched a new rental licensing program to ensure that all rental properties in the area meet minimum health and safety standards. This program will require landlords to obtain a license for each rental property they own and renew it annually. The licensing process will involve a comprehensive inspection of the property, including assessments of its electrical, plumbing, heating, and safety systems.

The goal of the new rental licensing program is to improve the overall quality of rental housing in Denver County and protect the health and safety of tenants. By requiring landlords to obtain a license, the program will incentivize property owners to maintain their properties and make any necessary upgrades to meet minimum health and safety standards.

In addition to the license requirement, landlords will also be required to provide their tenants with information about their rights and responsibilities as well as emergency evacuation procedures. This will help to ensure that tenants are informed and prepared in case of an emergency.

While the new rental licensing program may require additional time and effort for landlords, it will ultimately benefit both landlords and tenants by improving the overall quality of rental housing in Denver County. By meeting minimum health and safety standards, rental properties will become safer, more comfortable, and more attractive to potential tenants.

We have been inspecting and having our portfolio of rental units inspected and have began receiving out licenses.  Inspections are running around $200 plus the licensing fee due to the county.  Overall we have only had a few minor violations that have easily been remedied and licenses issued.  If you have any questions about the process or status of your property please contact us, we are happy to help.