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January 2018 Denver-Metro Real Estate Market Stats

In Market Updatesby Bergan & Company

Average price of all residential sales in January was just over $440K. The average single family home was going for $484k, while multi-family places went for $344k on average. ‍ The 12-month moving average appreciation rate, which is the best measure of real trends in prices, was 8.1% There were 2,756 homes that changed hands in January, down 8.7% from the …

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Denver Real Estate Market More Affordable Now than 1979

In Denver Rentals, Market Updatesby Bergan & Company

Imagine it’s 1979. The average single family home in metro Denver carries a price tag of $66,051. Don’t you wish we could go back to those days when housing was so affordable? A recent affordability study by Colorado Home Realty (CHR) came to a shocking conclusion: The average single family home in 2016, selling at $441,172, is significantly more affordable than its …